Permanent Make-up Training Course

A & M Permanent Make-up offers training courses for students who would like to learn to become professional permanent make-up artists. After concluding the ASH Permanent Make-up Skills Course, you will receive an internationally accredited certificate of completion in whatever Method/s you have been trained in. Our courses are mainly given in English, as they are internationally accredited courses.  We do, however, translate into Afrikaans, as and when required.

Accreditation info

From January 2010, A & M started working through the “London Chamber of Commerce” and “SANHPB” only.
SANHPB Reg.: NVB0002
SETA Accreditation Number: 3925
City & Guilds Centre number: 848360
Beauty Therapy:  22920 (NQF from 3 and up)
Hairdressing:  22921 (NQF from 3 and up)


Start your own Permanent Make-up Business / Career

ASH Permanent Make-up offers you an excellent business opportunity to Train as a Permanent Make-up Artist, thus providing you with a business and/or career. Your earning potential can be enormous, but the satisfaction remains unsurpassed in helping women and men enhance their own images, whether for purely aesthetic or for medical reasons.

When you treat people with humility, care and respect, showing the right attitude and approach, your clients will become regular clients and spread the word rapidly to others, telling them that you offer a really good service.

1 Day Permanent Make-up Skills Course

Embroidery/Manual method introduction course

Duration: 1 day
Includes 4 pigments, 10 needles and needle pen.

5 Day Permanent Make-up Skills Course

Machine and Embroidery/Manual method Course

Duration: 5 days
Treatment areas:  Eye liner, Full lips, Lip liner and eyebrows
Includes full kit for both methods

The A & M Permanent Make-up Course

Course Mission Statement

To establish and maintain the achievement of thorough, effective and relevant high quality permanent make-up instruction and qualifications as an essential investment for the Industry and its clients.

A & M Permanent Make-up undertakes to ensure the highest standard of training, friendly and informative without compromising on the quality. Our Students' complete training, equipped with all necessary permanent make-up skills and qualifications. On completion of the course, your procedural results will be skilled, natural and unmistakably beautiful. You will have all the tools you need to get started right away.

Contents of the Permanent Make-up Course

Whether you are novice or an experienced professional, A & M Permanent Make-up will provide you with the required theoretical and practical knowledge to master and refine the technical skills needed to practice permanent make-up in a safe and efficient  manner. We aim to ensure that our Students experience the benefits of a professional standard of the Industry’s required permanent make-up instruction and qualifications. We also ensure that our Students receive ongoing support from our Trainers.

We will provide you with a solid theoretical foundation coupled with practical experience as we are well- known for our comprehensive and thorough permanent make-up Training Course.

Each student has a different learning curve and can benefit from our our educational approach, which is: our one-on-one, hands on training. We custom tailor our curriculum to meet each student's particular needs.


Adding permanent eyeliner

Opportunities the Permanent Make-up Course will give you:

  • Start your own business: set your own hours and be your own boss
  • Work from home
  • Job satisfaction from helping others
  • Receive word of mouth referrals
  • Acquire good income
  • Quick Training – the course is quick and can be done around an already busy life

Is permanent make-up training for you?

Permanent make-up training is not for everyone, it is an extremely difficult calling and is only for those individuals that possess the following traits. If you believe that you have these traits, we will ensure that you will become the best that you possibly can be.

  • Passion and commitment to being first-class
  • Having a first-rate knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Having an exceptionally steady hand, capable of precise work
  • Having good eyesight without impairments that can limit your abilities
  • Having a good eye for perfect lines and proportions
  • Having a good eye for colour
  • Having an eye for enhancing a person’s features without overdoing it
  • Being artistic

Why Choose A & M Permanent Make-up Course

  • We are better qualified than the course we present.  Our experience in the field of permanent make-up is of utmost importance. We have completed all the requirements of the various systems and techniques used in our permanent make-up training courses.
  • Our Training Centre is equipped with the necessary equipment and has adequate space and light.
  • Each of our students receives the required attention for this intensive course as our classes are kept small. This provides the necessary hands-on, one-on-one training and personal attention needed.  Students receive ongoing support from our instructors at A & M Permanent Make-up and will easily be able to contact instructors after the course. Students can also make arrangements for extra classes.
  • We have good credibility as we have various permanent make-up skills courses; ranging from basic course for those new to permanent make-up and refresher courses for those already skilled and experienced in permanent make-up.
  • Our Accreditation is as follows: The Academy of Somatology and Hairdressing is a Sub-centre.  It is in association with “The Centre for Transformation & Development” and “Nouvelle Beaute.”  Accreditation is via “London Chamber of Commerce” and “South African Natural Health Practitioners Board”.

Course Outline

  • Permanent Make-up
  • Pigmentology
  • Sterilization & Sanitization
  • Microbiology
  • The skin
  • Skin types & Colour
  • Consultation
  • Contra-indications
  • Anaesthetics
  • Permanent Make-up procedure
  • After procedure
  • Troubleshooting
  • Business ethics

permanent makeup eyebrows

Typical Course Kit

1x Coil Machine kit and Embroidery
1x Training Manual
1x Black eyeliner pigment – black ever
1x Brown eyeliner pigment – brown ever
1x Orange
1x Red
1x Light brown
1x Medium brown
1x Skin colour
20x Needles x 10 (3 point)
20x Needles x 10 (5 point)
1x Embroidery pen
2x Embroidery pen holder
20x 14 Point Embroidery needles
1x Aftercare ointment
1x Blue Ice
1x Linen savers (pack)
1x Antiseptic spray
30x Pigment cups
1x Pigment cup holder
10x Client Record forms
10x Indemnity forms
1x Emla cream
1x Ear buds (pack of 100)
3x Practise skins
1x Cotton-wool (box)
1x Thin rubber gloves (box)
1x Plastic sterilized toothpicks (pack)
1x Kidney bowl


Course A: Coil and Embroidery
Course B: Rotary and Embroidery
Course C: Derma Dure Delux machine(Digital) and Embroidery
Course D: Coil Method + kit
Course E: Rotary Method + kit
Course F: Derma Dure Delux machine(Digital) + kit
Course G: Embroidery + kit
Course H: Course for two people from the same salon + one kit (Rotary and Embroidery)

  • Payment is either by means of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or cash. Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques, due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Course Fees are subject to change without notice

Course Duration (Example: Course B.)

5 days (break of 15 min in the morning and ½ hour lunch break from 12:30-13:00)

Day 1  8:30 - 14:30 -> Theory, Practical on practice skin and suede
Day 2  8:30 − 14:30 -> Practical – eyebrows – 4 sets
Day 3  8:30 − 14:30 -> Practical – eyeliner – 4 sets
Day 4  8:30 − 14:30 -> Practical – lip-liner – 2 sets; full lips – 2 sets

Students need to bring the following:
4 models for eyebrows, 4 models for eyeliner, 2 models for lip-liner, 2 models for full lips and 1 model for the Practical test.You will need models for the practical exam for the following:  eyebrows, eyeliner (top & bottom), lip-liner & full lips.