SM Derma Fusion® Natural Blow® Cream

Second Mile Derma Fusion® Natural Blow® cream is an awesome skin regulatory cream that can be used as an aftercare cream for beauty treatments such as permanent make-up, microblading, micro-needling/derma pen/derma roller and laser.

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Skin Regenerative Technology (non-medicated)

Second Mile Natural Blow® Cream is used to increase the availability of usable nutrients to the skin’s basement membrane where new skin cells are formed every day.

 It is nourishing, anti-aging, calming, rejuvenating, regenerating,  relieves tension, pain and discomfort in the peripheral nerve and muscle areas. 

Natural Blow® holistically  provides the skin with all the protein building blocks, minerals, and essential vitamin regulators in a bio-available format and therefore, effectively assist in a broad range of applications:

  • Any skin irregularities or skin conditions
  • Burn wouds
  • After skin treatments such as permanent make-up, micro-blading, meso therapy/micro-needling, derma roller, laser, etc
  • Can be used as a daily skin regulator under day/evening creams
  • Applied on the scalp to reduce itching/sensitive patches
  • Base cream before applying make-up/foundation

Natural Blow® is formulated with powerful antioxidants (ORAC scale value 40,100+) to bring balance and neutralize excessive free radical activity.  Increasing the concentration of antioxidants, amino acids and vital food state minerals and vitamins allow the skin to make repairs and bring back natural elasticity and moisture, wrinkles and dry patches blown away within 45 days of regular use.

The nutrients in the cream are correctly protected by maintaining the formulation in a micro-cotton based skin like sachet that keeps all the damaging elements such as light and oxygen out.  The bend and snap mechanism in the sachet allows you to dispense what you need, and the sachet  automatically closes again.

What makes Natural Blow® different?

  • No artificial nutrients
  • No isolated fortification methods utilized
  • All nutrients included to assist in “feeding” the skin
  • Second Mile (Pty) Ltd use the BEST in bio-technologies to embed the whole synergistic matrix of usable nutrients
  • Natural Blow® contains NO scheduled ingredients